Hello, World!

A. Grace here. I’m a longtime reader who’s just recently gotten into the whole business of writing book reviews. I started out a couple months ago at Goodreads, and I’ve been reviewing ever since. I have pretty high standards when it comes to books–at the bookstore, if the first page can’t capture my attention, I’m likely to shelve it and move on to the next offering. I’m a lot more open when it comes to genres. I read a lot of trashy romance novels, but I also enjoy more sophisticated fare, typically in the social sciences. At the moment I’m just reading whatever catches my eye and reviewing it when I’m done, so it’s anyone’s guess what I come up with next.

I’ll begin by transferring the reviews I already have from Goodreads, but in the future, they’ll be posted both on this blog at the same time as I publish them there.

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