GoT S7E6 – Death is the Enemy Reaction: About that one icy plot twist…

DON’T READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE LEAKED EPISODE, S7E6. Seriously, don’t. The biggest spoilers ahead. You have been warned.




Okay. First of all, ICE DRAGON. The hype is real, folks. It’s happening. Viserion is officially a frickin’ wight.

wight-viserion.jpg                            Isn’t he beautiful?

I knew it was happening from the moment I saw those lines of zombies mechanically tugging their giant chain. (And technically earlier, if you count the leaks which have so far proved spot-on accurate.) But it was still a huge oh snap moment when his eye finally opened. I have to admit, this is a great way of nerfing Team Humanity in the coming War for the Dawn. Team White Walkers have just pulled off the equivalent of stealing a nuclear bomb, and it’s gonna be a real fight for the living to come out on top.

What’s more interesting to me, as a longtime book reader, is that this new development completely destroys the traditional three heads of the dragon theory in which Daenerys, Jon, and Tyrion are the three dragon-riders. The theory relies in large part on another longtime theory, known as A + J = T, which speculates that Tyrion is not in fact a trueborn Lannister, but the bastard son of Aerys II Targaryen and Joanna Lannister. With every passing season, it seems less and less likely that the show will go down this path. In theory (heh), this also tanks the chances of it being true in the books, but you never know. It would hardly be the first time the show disappointed book purists by going its own way.

In other news from this episode–Arya, please. I would have lost it if she’d killed Sansa, who’s grown so much, from someone I wanted to slap to the finest player in her family. I swear, she was this close to doing it. MRW:

cersei incredulous gif.gif
Arya, I love you, but you’ve kind of been an idiot the past couple episodes. Let Sansa do the governing and focus on honing your wight-slaying skills, alright?

On a lighter note, Dany’s new winter dress is just…wow. Michelle Clapton has really outdone herself this season. Sansa, Cersei, and Dany have all gotten gorgeous makeovers, but the Dragon Queen’s new white costume is an awesome visual respite from the Sith Lord-esque black we’ve been seeing so far. I swear Emilia Clarke somehow gets more beautiful every season. Just look at that outfit.

dany dress full view.jpg

And the back:

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 20.39.54.png

Daenerys Targaryen’s ready to slay, y’all. You can’t even blame Jon Snow for bending the knee.

I love Ygritte too, Jon, but she wouldn’t want you to mourn forever.

Yes. I’ve hopped aboard the Jonerys train after years of resistance, even if Daenerys thinks it’s, um, “too little.” *wink wink nudge nudge* (Just kidding, Jon’s a right proper lad. Right??) And I have no regrets.

The big downside about having watched the leaked episode is that I now have to wait a week and a half for the season finale. Oops. Well, good practice for the wait after that, which, if word on the street hold true, will be two whole years. Two. Years. May as well just go back to waiting for The Winds of Winter.

Oh well, who’s hyped for the wall coming down next week?!?

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