The cover of Bright We Burn is out. And it’s incredible.




In beautiful Goodreads quality.

It’s a pomegranate, people. Bursting into a million pieces. The most melodramatic, heavy-handed thing ever. Seriously, it should not be possible for a FRUIT to be that over-glorified. BUT HERE WE ARE.

I’ve been waiting for this for months, refreshing the book’s page every few days to see if the cover was out yet. You know what, I expected something epic and sappy and powerful. I have not been disappointed.

Plus the slogan. RULE THE WORLD. As far as I can see, the American covers of the first two books don’t even have slogans, although the British versions with far less dramatic art do. ForĀ And I Darken, it’s “Heads will roll. Hearts will be broken.” ForĀ Now I Rise, “Thrones will be won. Souls will be lost.” Call me a simple woman, but I love where it’s culminated. I see the new slogan, I’m happy.

Now I’m even more hyped for the release of the trilogy finale. It hits shelves on July, so only six more months to go. Woohoo!

And I Darken coverNow I Rise cover22817368

YA’s most beautiful set of covers, period.


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