The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hey everyone! I’m thrilled to be nominated for my second award after the Versatile Blogger Award. First off, many thanks to Jenna at Bookmark Your Thoughts for tagging me, and for those who are reading this, do check out her lovely blog!


What is the Sunshine Blogger Award?

The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who are creative, positive and inspiring, while spreading sunshine to the blogging community.

The Rules

  1. Thank the person/persons that nominated you and link back to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions your nominator has given you.
  3. Nominate 11 other people and give them 11 new questions to answer.
  4. List the rules and display the award.

11 Questions For Me

1. Chocolate or Coffee?

Chocolate, definitely, as I don’t even drink coffee. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2. What is your favourite childhood book series?

Tough one–I read so much when I was a kid, it’s hard to choose just one series. I suppose Magic Tree House was one of my greatest formative series, but Rainbow Magic, being my first chapter books, will always have a special place in my heart.

3. What is your favourite part about blogging?

When people comment on my posts! It sounds clichéd when I say it, but it’s so true that one comment is worth a hundred views. Whenever someone comments on one of my posts, it gives me a great feeling knowing that what I’ve written has been read and enjoyed. In the same vein, I love finding things in common with other bloggers–books we’ve both read, or tropes we like–when I read their posts, and dropping them a comment in return.

4. If you could live in one bookish world forever which would it be?

Uhh, I’m not that brave or adventurous, so I’d like to just stay in present day Earth if possible? If I had to choose, though, probably A Court of Mist and Fury‘s Velaris. I may hate where that series is going, but I’m all for the cushy lifestyle, and Velaris’s utopia sounds pretty great. No shame.

5. Which book character would you want as your crime-fighting side-kick?

If I could age up a character, then Sarah from Orphan Monster Spy seems like she would be a brilliant detective/secret agent given a few more years. I mean, the kid’s fifteen and already has “infiltrated an elite Nazi school and destroyed plans for an atomic bomb” on her resumé, so imagine what she could do as an adult. Another good shout is Catarina Agatta from This Mortal Coil, who’s badass and a genius, which would come in pretty helpful in certain situations.

6. What is your favourite kind of blog post to write?

I love book tags and awards like this one, but nothing will ever top pure reviews. Just over a year of reviewing now (really, I can barely believe I’ve made it this long) has allowed me to get into a good rhythm of easily sharing my thoughts in coherent posts, so it’s become quite enjoyable!

7. Biggest bookish pet peeve?

One that applies across all genres is the typeface. Seriously, this is so silly but there are some fonts that I just can’t stand, no matter how good the book itself is. Times New Roman is one of them–I see it enough in essays, and I just find it so ugly to be printed in novels that I want to read for fun. If I open a book and it’s in a font I don’t like, I won’t read it at all.

8. Favourite book from a debut author?

I read sooo many books from debut authors, there’s no way I could pick just one. For example, I finished The Book of M by Peng Shepherd a few days ago, and that was an awesome debut, but by no means the only awesome debut I’ve read recently. Others include The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller, To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo and You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone by Rachel Lynn Solomon. It’s amazing what these first time authors have come up with.

9. Your favourite final book in a series?

A Dance of Dragons, of course.

Just kidding. But not really.

This is a harder question than I initially thought, cause so many series closers fail to live up to the hype generated by their predecessors. Honestly can’t say I have a favourite at the moment, since I’m waiting for so many of my favourite series to finish!

10. If you could be one animal which would you be?

Human, sorry not sorry. The barely sentient brain just isn’t for me, and I like my life expectancy + standards of living as they are.

11. Other than your own, what country would you most like to live in?

I hear the Netherlands is pretty nice.

I Tag:

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11 Questions From Me

Some old, some new:


  1. Chocolate or Coffee?
  2. What is your favourite childhood book series?
  3. What is your favourite part about blogging?
  4. If you could live in one fictional world, which would it be?
  5. Which fictional character would you want as your crime-fighting sidekick?
  6. What is your favourite kind of blog post to write?
  7. If you have one, what’s your favourite comfort food?
  8. If there’s one unfinished book/TV/any other medium series that you could have finished right now, which would it be?
  9. You can travel back in time to observe one moment, but only as a passive observer–you cannot change anything. When would you go?
  10. Fictional character you love to hate?
  11. Other than your own, what country would you most like to live in?

If you decide to participate, I hope you have as much fun answering these questions as I did answering mine. Thanks for reading!

17 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Thank you for the shout out love! I remember the Magic Treehouse!! I was obsessed with those! I never thought about font as a pet peeve…but now that I think about it…I’ve totally had “ugh” moments when I see certain fonts in books haha!! I think it’s cute you like comments the most; I’ve been trying to get better at discussions this year, especially since I’ve had more reading time!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the tag! I laughed at your “Dance of Dragons” answer. 😀 And my friend has that exact same pet peeve! She goes into such a lecture if I tell her, “I can’t tell the difference between this typeface and that one.”

    And I’m reading through The Book of M right now, and my god, the worldbuilding is so exquisite. And the atmosphere she creates? Just so immersive. I adore every bit of it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the book! I definitely notice and care about typefaces way more than healthy lol. That and the smell of a book–it’s really weird, but I love inhaling the scent of new books. (I don’t know if this counts as sniffing glue. Oh well.)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks so much for the tag, and great answers to these questions as well. I really love The Song of Achilles, I agree it’s an incredible debut book and I can’t believe it’s Madeline Miller’s debut actually. Have you read Circe yet? It’s just as incredible so if not I’d highly recommend it. Also I love A Court of Mist and Fury, Velaris would be an incredible bookish city to live in 🙂
    Great post,and again thanks for the tag! 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep I actually read Circe before The Song of Achilles and it was what convinced me I had to go back and read TSoA too! I don’t want to say Circe is my all time favourite novel simply because there’s still so much I have yet to read, but it’s definitely up there.

      Apparently Madeline Miller spent 10 years refining TSoA and had a complete draft at one point, then chucked it all and rewrote the entire thing–true labour of love, I’m honestly so impressed.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Circe is an incredible book, but yeah I can’t say it’s my all-time favourite either (there’s still so much out there I have to read so there could be something even better out there).
        Wow, that’s dedication, but you can tell in her writing that TSoA was a labour of love, it was a great book. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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