The Seven Deadly Sins Book Tag

I’ve seen this around on several blogs now, including The Bibliophagist and The Book Prescription, who tagged simply anyone reading the post. Make sure to stop by and follow these two awesome blogs!

7 Deadly Sins: Greed by Strapstar

Greed: What is the most expensive book that you own? What is the least expensive book that you own?
The most expensive I remember buying is Circe for £16.99. As for least expensive, I own lots of free and cheap secondhand books. Excluding those, the least expensive book I bought new is a toss-up between A Court of Wings and Ruin for £3.85 at Tesco and The Martian for a similar price at The Works.

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Wrath: What author do you have a love/hate relationship with?
A while back I’d have said Sarah J. Maas, but now most of the love is gone and it’s mostly just a hate relationship. My current choice is Leigh Bardugo. I loved Wonder Woman: Warbringer and I can see from skimming Shadow and Bone that she’s a great writer, but I found Six of Crows rather tasteless and couldn’t get through it.

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Gluttony: What book have you devoured over and over with no shame?
I don’t reread books per se, but I do reread certain passages if they’re particularly memorable or satisfying. Take for example the penultimate chapter of The Suffragette Scandal, where the villain is BTFO and you get the taste of sweet justice.

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Sloth: What book have you neglected due to laziness?
I was given Guns, Germs, and Steel as a well-intentioned gift. It’s 500 pages of dense history and science. Am I ever going to read it? Nope.

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Pride: What book do you talk about in order to sound like an intellectual reader?
For my university personal statement and subsequent interview it was important that I massively overstate the ratio of intellectual nonfiction to garbage that I read, so I talked about such titles as Justice (Sandel) and Thinking, Fast and Slow. I got in so I have no regrets.

7 Deadly Sins: Lust by Strapstar

Lust: What attributes do you find attractive in male or female characters?
Competence, conviction and a certain flair that I can’t quite name but would recognise any day. Essentially, knows what needs to be done and is able to do it.

Credit to @thenocturnalfey

Stupid characters are the biggest turn-off as well as morally bankrupt/weak characters, of which I’ve seen a surprising amount lately. (Mentioning no names. But yeah there are a couple books I’m thinking of, and it makes me livid to think about them.)

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Envy: What book would you most like to receive as a gift?
The Wicked King, preferably right now. It’s already January 2019 right?


Following in Hamad’s footsteps at The Book Prescription, I’m going to tag anyone who’s interested. It’s great fun and doesn’t take too much time, so if that sounds up your street consider yourself tagged!

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